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Health insurance

All students who are enrolled in state-recognized universities subject to the statutory health insurance.

Until their 25th birthday, students can be covered by dependent insurance. In the course of dependent insurance, a monthly additional income (without BAf.G) of up to 405 EUR (e.g. from self-employment) or up to 450 EUR is possible (at a Minijob). If the earnings exceed these limits, an own health insurance needs to be concluded. After your 25th birthday, you must insure yourself. Exception: If you rendered military or civilian service, the dependent insurance can exceed the age of 25.

Once the dependent insurance no longer applies, you can be insured as a student / inexpensively with the statutory insurance for students. Students can be exempted from the compulsory student insurance in favor of a private health and nursing care insurance if they insured with a private family insurance before their enrollment, or if they want to be privately insured.

Important: After an exemption from the compulsory insurance for students, you can no longer switch to the student rate of statutory health insurance during your studies! For more information contact the health insurance companies. The insurance usually ends with the completion of your studies, after the 14th semester or if you are over 30 years old.

For legal as well as privately insured students there is a monthly allowance for BAf.G recipients.

Health insurance for international students

If you are not yet enrolled at a university (e.g. because you are attending a language course in preparation for the study or a preparatory college), are over 30 years old, or are enrolled in supplementary/postgraduate or doctoral studies, you cannot be included in the compulsory health insurance for students.

You then need to either voluntarily statutory or privately insure yourself.

Important: International students under 30 years can be admitted to compulsory insurance for students at low cost.

Recognition of foreign health insurance companies

With some countries, including the member countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area, there are social security agreements: If you are eligible for a health insurance in your home country, you can have this insurance coverage recognized by an compulsory health insurance in Germany. However, clarify which documents you need for that in advance! For students, this mostly is a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You can apply for the EHIC at your health insurance.

Your insurance may not cover all costs in Germany. Enquire precisely which services you can claim to use in Germany before entering. However, if you do not have insurance coverage in your home country, you must be insured in Germany, like all other students.

The private health insurance companies in other countries may be recognized under certain circumstances in Germany as well. For details you should check with your insurance company.

If your private insurance is recognized, you need a confirmation for the enrollment, which says that you are exempted from the compulsory insurance in the statutory health insurance. However, in this case you cannot change to a public health insurance for the duration of your studies! (Source: DSW)

Framework agreement union insurance services

The German Student Union has made a framework agreement with the UNION insurance services for the HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG for students who cannot be insured with the statutory health insurance. For a longer stay the "Optimal" rate is recommended. It provides comprehensive insurance coverage, including vaccinations and checkups. The rate "Basis" offers limited benefits only. It is more suitable for exchange students who stay in Germany for one or two semesters. In return, it is particularly favorable, in the first twelve months. From the 13th month on, the fees for the .Basis. rate increase. More information is available at https://portal.versicherungsdienste.de/dsw-studenten-kv/index.html and with us.

If you receive a form for grant/renewal of your residence permit issued by the immigration office Giessen, please contact the Union Versicherungsdienst GmbH at the following contact information:

VELA Versicherungsdienst GmbH

Ecclesiastr. 1-4
D-32758 Detmold
Phone 08006036039
Phone +49 5231603 6390

For more information in various languages about the health insurance system in Germany, see the following homepage: http://www.1a-krankenversicherung.de/international.


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